Sunday, October 30, 2011

A Newly Renovated Home Gets Equal Attention To The Outdoor Living Space.

Magical Experience
Remodeled Pool by Sea Maiden Pools
Winter Park, Florida

It is often said that renovating a pool requires more skill and talent than building one from scratch. I tend to agree.  Coordination of old and new must be handled correctly or your outcome will be less than desirable.  When your project requires transitioning from, replacing or adding to, choosing the right builder is even more important. Deciding what has to go and what stays, what blends and what doesn't, addressing changing elevations, existing drainage, equipment replacement and it goes on and on.  I don't want to discourage anyone but one should know that before you operate, you want to choose the right talent for the job.

Sea Maiden Pools was referred by a Winter Park Custom Builder, Skolfield Homes who had recently completed the renovation of this beautiful home. The client invited Wayne and I to their home and we began to assess the scope of the project.  The home's lanai and summer kitchen area was beautifully designed which made our job that much easier.  The focus was to blend their "existing" with our "new" design for the pool and make it look like it was there from the beginning. As you view the video you can see details of the transition from existing lanai to the new paver deck.  Pool coping that was made for remodeled pools keeps with their contemporary look and feel.  Clean lines, coordinating waterline tile and the perfect interior finish to give that pool the nighttime glow just fitting for this magical experience. 


In getting to know our clients better, they said they recently moved to Orlando to be closer to their grandchildren.  Creating a space that was exciting and fun for them was very important.  It was all about the quality time they would spend with their family. This remodeled pool captured their attention with the starry lit grotto water fall and its fiber optic colored lighting. A truly Magical Experience!  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Design Isn't Costly...Bad Design Is!

When a pool builder sets an expectation that is deliverable, on time and within budget, you can be sure "Good Design" had a lot to do with it.
Sea Maiden Pools designed and built this luxury pool.
Lake Cherokee Historic Community, Orlando
In speaking to a prospective client about their dream pool, I often broaden the conversation with "tell me about your family and how you plan on using this space?" Do you have children? ...elderly parents living with you? ...any special needs to address?... These are a few of the questions I ask to learn more about them and their family lifestyle. Couple this with considerations for existing architecture, landscape, land elevations, boundaries, space planning, historic/home association requirements, efficiency aspects and yes... that all important question about BUDGET and now you have the foundation for a good design!

If your outdoor living designer/pool builder is not taking these aspects into consideration up front, they will become an issue down the road.  Ask anyone who has embarked on a construction project that has "gone wrong." The change orders for re-doing or adding to, can be a budget buster: time delays, increase materials & labor, not to mention the emotional toll it could take to get back on track. Thus...the real cost of bad design. 

This outdoor living project is a prime example of the importance of good design. A project of this complexity requires the expertise of a design/build custom pool builder with vision, good organizational skills and the resources to deliver what was promised.  Wayne Maiden, the pool builder made sure all his bases were covered.  Not only did Wayne bring his expertise to the table, he also coordinated with the City's Historic Preservation Committee, the City Arborist, and the homeowner's current landscaper. Our clients are thrilled with the end result and are very proud to share their new outdoor living space with their family and friends.  To learn more about this project and hear what the owners have to say, click on the video.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Outdoor Living... With More Sophistication

Remodeled Pool by Sea Maiden Pools 
located in Belle Isle, Florida

 I hired a photographer to take pictures of our latest projects and on my way to our first appointment I was focusing on these clients and thinking how much our industry has changed.  The market is so much more involved in the design and build process of any construction project and they expect a level of sophistication to meet their needs.

Most people had a perception of pool builders as the "brick and mortar" component to their outdoor living space. That may be true when you only consider them as the laborers for constructing the pool. However, to meet the expectations of today's client, a custom pool builder must broaden their scope of business to include the skill of a good space designer and interior designer. My clients have come to expect the same level of attention to detail as if they were building new or remodeling their interior space, hiring an architect or residential designer for the design/space plans, a custom builder for the construction and an interior designer to choose all the colors, materials, fixtures etc.. all to bring about a consistent look and feel to their liking. The outdoor living space is just an extension of their interior living space and should be held to the same standards.

I describe Sea Maiden Pools as a "design and build company for outdoor living spaces" but it seems I need a more descriptive tag line to encompass all these other aspects we do.  Any thoughts?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

To My Professional Friends....

A Tropical Paradise designed & built by Sea Maiden Pools
 located in Oviedo, Florida
I have developed a forum for clients to ask questions or comments about creating outdoor living spaces. You are invited to participate, as often we know that our trades overlap, complement and can successfully support each other as we come across home improvement projects that are currently underway in Orlando. Trends of the industry, professional business practices, and quality craftsmanship all play a part in the buying decisions of our clients and they are eager to learn.  If you know of a project that is currently underway and your client is interested in exploring the latest trends of outdoor living, pool design and 3D animation / visualization, have them visit this blog.  Thank you all.

Shared Vision

Elegant and luxurious Pool Built by Sea Maiden Pools
located in Central Florida

This beautiful outdoor living space was part of the Shared Vision 2009 Project.  Sea Maiden Pools was the featured Design and Build company for outdoor living, hosted by Pascocello Designs.  You can see more of this project by visiting Shared Vision .  It's worth visiting as you will see other skilled professionals participation in the project as well.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sea Maiden Pools | Rethink Referral Residential Construction

Sea Maiden Pools Rethink Referral Residential Construction

This site allows businesses like mine to tap into the latest technology, navigate through the complexity of social media & SEO, and build an effective ”elevator” sales pitch that will maximize a company’s presence on the web.