Saturday, October 15, 2011

Good Design Isn't Costly...Bad Design Is!

When a pool builder sets an expectation that is deliverable, on time and within budget, you can be sure "Good Design" had a lot to do with it.
Sea Maiden Pools designed and built this luxury pool.
Lake Cherokee Historic Community, Orlando
In speaking to a prospective client about their dream pool, I often broaden the conversation with "tell me about your family and how you plan on using this space?" Do you have children? ...elderly parents living with you? ...any special needs to address?... These are a few of the questions I ask to learn more about them and their family lifestyle. Couple this with considerations for existing architecture, landscape, land elevations, boundaries, space planning, historic/home association requirements, efficiency aspects and yes... that all important question about BUDGET and now you have the foundation for a good design!

If your outdoor living designer/pool builder is not taking these aspects into consideration up front, they will become an issue down the road.  Ask anyone who has embarked on a construction project that has "gone wrong." The change orders for re-doing or adding to, can be a budget buster: time delays, increase materials & labor, not to mention the emotional toll it could take to get back on track. Thus...the real cost of bad design. 

This outdoor living project is a prime example of the importance of good design. A project of this complexity requires the expertise of a design/build custom pool builder with vision, good organizational skills and the resources to deliver what was promised.  Wayne Maiden, the pool builder made sure all his bases were covered.  Not only did Wayne bring his expertise to the table, he also coordinated with the City's Historic Preservation Committee, the City Arborist, and the homeowner's current landscaper. Our clients are thrilled with the end result and are very proud to share their new outdoor living space with their family and friends.  To learn more about this project and hear what the owners have to say, click on the video.

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